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Dean George Watson delivers annual address, welcomes new faculty

In his 2012 State of the College address, George Watson, dean of the University of Delaware's College of Arts and Sciences, repeated a familiar refrain: "You can't improve what you don't measure."

The theme of assessment and evaluation was echoed throughout the annual address, which examined the progress and developments to the CAS strategic plan, "Leading the Way," first introduced at last year's State of the College.

Speaking on Tuesday, Sept. 11, Watson used numerous examples of college-wide projects and activities from the past and coming year as ways to measure the success in advancing the college with the four goals (and 16 sub-goals) outlined in the 2011 plan.

For instance, he discussed the new Winter Session 2013 study abroad program, which will study conflict and peace-building in Ghana, as an example of the college's goal to "engage local, national and global communities."

He also highlighted the college's commitment to "lead the way in student learning and engagement" by highlighting its recent partnership with the Honors Program to offer scholarships for Honors students interested in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Watson spoke about the expansion of the NUCLEUS program and development of President's Diversity Initiative grants, among other projects, as more evidence to support the college's goal to "diversify faculty, students and staff."

Finally, he concluded the address with the final goal to "develop an outstanding faculty" by introducing the 30 newest faculty additions to the college, including the new department chair in English and new director of Interdisciplinary Science Learning Laboratories.

Watson's address was preceded by remarks from UD President Patrick Harker, who provided a brief overview of the state of the University, placing particular emphasis on the changing landscape of higher education and what it will mean for the institution.

Article by Artika Casini and photos by Evan Krape
9/18/2012 10:00 AM


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