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  • Anthropology

    135 Munroe Hall
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-1858
    Fax: 302-831-4002
    <div>The Department of Anthropology offers undergraduate training in the subfields of sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, and biological (physical) anthropology.</div>
  • Communication

    ​250 Pearson Hall
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-8041
    Fax: 302-831-1892
    <div>The mission of the Department of Communication at the University of Delaware is to both empower students in their personal and professional lives, and to provide an ethical compass for navigating the complexities of modern society.To this end, the faculty is dedicated to providing rigorous and</div> <div>comprehensive instruction to students and to generating important new knowledge in the field of communication.</div> <div><br />The major in communication is designed around two central goals: increasing knowledge about communication processes and their impact on society, and developing communication skills and competencies. In pursuing these goals, the Department of Communication has adopted a social and behavioral science orientation toward the study of human communication. All majors study communication in a wide variety of contexts, including interpersonal and mass communication in both mediated and face-to-face settings. A broad spectrum of classes enables students to critically analyze communication as well as recognize their own ethical responsibilities to self and community. The communication faculty is also committed to turning theory into effective skills for speaking, critical thinking, writing, and media production so that academic knowledge and experience extend beyond the classroom into future opportunities for our students. <br />&nbsp;<br />The faculty of the department is committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise through courses designed to enhance speaking and critical thinking skills; and in so doing, contribute to the university community and society. <br /></div>
  • Fashion & Apparel Studies

    ​211 Alison Hall West
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-8714
    Fax: 302-831-6081
    <div>Undergraduate majors in Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising, a minor in Fashion History &amp; Culture, a graduate certificate in Socially Responsible and Sustainable Apparel Business, and a Master of Science in Fashion Studies prepare professionals with essential knowledge and critical skills to influence fashion and apparel-related fields in creative ways. Our graduates are aware of and able to act with accountability toward issues of social responsibility and sustainability. We teach, conduct research and creative scholarship, and interact with local and global communities in ways that are innovative and collaborative. We value work that is student-centered, relevant to business and society, built upon international and cultural diversity, and which contributes to continuous learning.</div>
  • Political Science & International Relations

    347 Smith Hall
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-2355
    Fax: 302-831-4452
    <div>The Department of Political Science&nbsp;&amp; International Relations offers undergraduate majors in Political Science, Political Science Education, Political Science with Spanish/French/German, and International Relations as well as a minor in Political Science. The major in Political Science may be taken with or without a concentration in one of several subfields.&nbsp; The major in International Relations is multidisciplinary and relies upon courses in History, Geography, Economics and Foreign Languages and Literatures as well as Political Science.&nbsp; The department also offers a M.A. and a Ph.D. in Political Science; the graduate program is organized around the study of Global Governance which may be defined as an approach to politics and public policy that transcends the nation-state and its formal institutions of government.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>
  • School of Public Policy & Administration

    Chair: Maria Aristigueta Coons

    ​184 Graham Hall
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-1687
    Fax: 302-831-3296
    <div>The School of Public Policy&nbsp;&amp; Administration provides undergraduate and graduate education, research, and public service in the fields of leadership, urban affairs and public policy, public administration, historic preservation and disaster management.</div> <div><br />Built on the intellectual foundations of urban affairs and public administration, the school's highly regarded graduate programs offer an M.A. in Urban Affairs and Public Policy, Master in Public Administration, M.A. in Historic Preservation, Ph.D. in Urban Affairs and Public Policy, M.S. and a Ph.D. in Disaster Science and Management, rooted in applied research and public service.&nbsp; Hallmarks of the school's strong commitment to practical experience include research assistantships, teaching assistantships and internship placements.</div> <div><br />In addition to our renown graduate programs, the School Public Policy and Administration offers two undergraduate degrees, a B.S. in Organizational and Community Leadership and a B.A. in Public Policy.</div> <div><br />The School of Public Policy and Administration is affiliated with the following research and public service centers and closely linked to the academic programs of the School of Public Policy and Administration. Carrying out vital funded research, centers explore issues important to our community, state, nation and the world:</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div><br />Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research (CADSR)
 <br />Center for Community Research and Service (CCRS) <br />Center for Historic Architecture and Design (CHAD) 
 <br />Institute for Public Administration (IPA) <br />Health Services Policy Research Group (HSPRG -&nbsp;part of CCRS) </div>
  • Sociology & Criminal Justice

    Interim Chair: Karen Parker

    ​322 Smith Hall
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-2581
    Fax: 302-831-2607
    <div>The Sociology major is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the dynamics of society and social relations. The curriculum includes core courses in social theory and research methods and emphasizes flexibility by allowing students to design a program that fits their particular needs and objectives. There are concentrations in Data Analysis, Health Services, Law and Society, and Social Welfare.<br /></div> <div>The Criminal Justice major program is structured around a core of criminal justice courses on such topics as law enforcement, the judicial process, juvenile justice, corrections, and the criminal law. The Criminal Justice curriculum includes courses in political science, psychology, and at least one foreign language as well as in sociology.<br /></div>
  • Women & Gender Studies

    Chair: Patricia Sloane-White

    ​34 W. Delaware Avenue
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-8474
    Fax: 302-831-4341
    <div>The Department of Women's&nbsp;is designed to foster in<br />undergraduate students a knowledge of the rich heritage, challenges, and concerns of women. The program offers a B.A. degree in Women's Studies with an Honors Degree option and a minor in Women's Studies. Women's Studies challenges disciplinary boundaries, encourages research on women within existing disciplines, and requires an understanding of the interplay among gender, culture, race, sexual orientation, and class in human experience.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>

 Programs and Centers:


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  • Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research

    Director: Edward C. Ratledge

    ​282 Graham Hall
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-8406
    Fax: 302-831-6434
    <div>The Center for Applied Demography&nbsp;&amp; Survey Research (CADSR) is a project-oriented, policy analysis and survey research center. The center’s primary mission is to ensure that the best possible data and information on important public issues are developed and made available to members of the college, its clients, and, most importantly, to the policy-makers who affect the way we all live and work in Delaware. This mission is accomplished in four different ways: by acting as a clearinghouse for large data sets supplied by local, state, regional, and federal agencies; by maintaining an active survey research capability; by developing and designing custom databases of text, graphical information (including both raster and vector data), drawn from client files; and by using an array of information system technologies.</div>
  • Center for Community Research & Service

    ​297 Graham Hall
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-6780
    Fax: 302-831-4225
    <div>Established in 1972, the Center for Community Research&nbsp;&amp; Service (CCRS) is the University of Delaware’s focal point for community research, engagement and action. With two locations in the state, one in downtown Wilmington and one on the main campus in Newark, CCRS works to strengthen the capabilities of organizations and individuals working to enhance the economic, social, cultural and physical conditions of neighborhoods and communities in Delaware and beyond. The center does this by using state of the art research methods to better understand community needs and assets, and by providing high quality training and technical assistance services which enhance the ability of government, nonprofit agencies, philanthropic organizations and citizens to envision and create better communities.</div>
  • Center for Drug & Health Studies

    Director: Christine A. Visher

    257 E. Main Street
    Newark, DE 19716​

    Phone: 302-831-6107
    <div>The Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies was established at the University of Delaware in 1991 to facilitate collaborative research and publication on substance abuse among social and behavioral science faculty, professional staff, and graduate students. Administratively housed in the university’s Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, the Center is funded entirely through sponsored research grants and contracts. The Center provides a national research focus as well as service to the State of Delaware.<br />&nbsp;<br />The principal mission of the Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies is the production, dissemination, and utilization of scientific knowledge in substance abuse and other health risk behaviors among hard-to-reach populations of youth and adults. Areas of interest include<br />&nbsp;•The etiology, patterns and consequences and prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse;<br />•The epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, and the prevention of such infections among high risk populations;<br />•The prevalence and patterns of health risk behaviors among adolescents and young adults.<br />&nbsp;<br />Other Center objectives include:<br />&nbsp;•Training graduate and undergraduate students in health risk and substance abuse behavior research and associated quantitative and qualitative methods;<br />•Serving as a substance abuse and health risk behavior research information repository for students and colleagues seeking statistical and ethnographic data for secondary analysis;<br />•Providing technical assistance to colleagues and local agency personnel seeking grant support for prevention and treatment programs;<br />•Sponsoring lecture and colloquia series, workshops, and conferences for members of the professional community, University staff and students, and the public at large.<br /></div>
  • Center for Energy & Environmental Policy

    278 Graham Hall
    Newark, Delaware 19716
    Phone: 302-831-8405
    Fax: 302-831-3098
  • Center for Historic Architecture & Design

    Interim Director: Rebecca J. Sheppard

    ​307 Alison Hall
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-8097
    Fax: 302-831-4548
    <div>Established in 1984, the Center for Historic Architecture&nbsp;&amp; Design (CHAD) is an interdisciplinary unit addressing issues related to historic preservation through an integrated program of teaching, research, and public service. CHAD provides graduate education in historic preservation and planning where students learn both in the classroom and by participating in research projects. Our research and public service emphasize:</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <ul> <li>Evolution of historic architecture, landscapes, and material culture</li> <li>Evaluation of significance</li> <li>Design and technological issues of material culture and the built environment</li> <li>Historic preservation planning and policy at local, state, national, and international levels</li> <li>Documentation of historic properties with GIS and AutoCAD</li> <li>Research on the physical properties of cultural and historical materials</li> <li>Development of National Register nominations</li> <li>Development of design standards and preservation zoning overlays</li> <li>Advocacy for the preservation of historic resources </li></ul>
  • Center for Political Communication

    Director: Nancy Karibjanian

    190 Graham Hall
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-9105
    <div>The Center for Political Communication consolidates faculty expertise in emerging communication technologies, to explore their effects on elections and policy debates, to establish graduate and undergraduate research opportunities, and to encourage public engagement.<br /></div> <div>The center promotes research in politics, policy, and new technologies in political communication both in the United States and internationally. It supports events designed to engage students, scholars, media and the public.<br /></div> <div>In 2008, a revolution in political communication unleashed new ways to foster citizen engagement through social networking technologies such as Facebook, blogs, text messaging and non-traditional media. The result was a new style of political communication that is spreading globally. Studying these changes requires multi-dimensional scholarship, which is at the heart of the Center for Political Communication, drawing from Political Science, Communication, Sociology, Anthropology, History and Psychology, among other disciplines.<br /></div> <div>Political communication is an emerging field of study, with politicians and the electorate increasingly turning to new digital technologies.<br /></div> <div>The University of Delaware is in a unique position to host the center, having been dubbed the &quot;epicenter&quot; of the 2008 presidential campaign because of the work of former UD students Joseph Biden, David Plouffe and Steven Schmidt. Biden is the Vice President of the United States; he was a U.S. Senator from Delaware for more than three decades. Plouffe was manager of President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign and Schmidt was a senior campaign strategist in 2008 for Republican presidential candidate John McCain. In 2010, another University of Delaware alum, Chris Christie, became Governor of New Jersey, joining the &quot;epicenter&quot; of politics.<br /></div>
  • Disaster Research Center

    ​166 Graham Hall
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-6618
    Fax: 302-831-2091
  • Institute for Public Administration

    Director: Jerome Lewis

    ​180 Graham Hall
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-8971
    Fax: 302-831-3488
    <div>Established in 1973, the Institute for Public Administration (IPA), a research center of the School of Public Policy&nbsp;and Administration, addresses the policy, planning, and management needs of its partners through the integration of applied research, professional development, and the education of tomorrow’s leaders. It provides direct staff assistance, research, policy analysis, training, and forums while contributing to the scholarly body of knowledge in public administration.</div> <div><br />IPA acts as a convener, think tank, and talent pool for the state of Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region. IPA has forged partnerships with government and environmental agencies and brought together stakeholders to discuss the prudent use of land and water resources. Increasingly, towns are seeking IPA’s planning expertise and leadership. IPA manages the school’s internship program as well as the prestigious, university-wide Legislative Fellows Program.</div>
  • Legal Studies

    206G Willard Hall Education Building
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-1934
    <div>The Legal Studies minor provides students with the broad conceptual framework of legal studies and encourages them to explore the law from an interdisciplinary perspective. An interdisciplinary approach to the study of law makes sense. The law is central to theories and research in philosophy, social science, business, and public policy. The University of Delaware offers law-related courses in a wide variety of programs and disciplines. You can learn about law and the legal system in courses in accounting, communication, criminal justice, economics, English, history, linguistics, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, and women's studies.</div>
  • Military Science - Army ROTC

    Director: Major Kenneth A. Scerbo

    ​314 Wyoming Road
    Newark, DE 19716

    Phone: 302-831-1763
    Fax: 302-831-2219
    <div>The mission of the Military Science - Army ROTC Program for undergraduates is to produce leaders of character to serve in the nation's defense. The cornerstone of the leadership program is developing self-confidence, teamwork, responsibility, professional ethics, and the ability to &quot;take charge.&quot; Students at the University of Delaware can earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army upon completion of the Military Science Program and a baccalaureate degree.</div>

 Social Sciences News:


 Portfolio News Listing

  • Olympic uniforms designed
    ​Two graduates of the University's apparel design program, who work at GK Elite Sportswear in Reading, Pennsylvania, helped create uniforms worn in Olympic competition by U.S., Dutch and Russian gymnasts.
  • New political science chair
    ​David P. Redlawsk, who studies voter behavior and emotion, has joined UD as the James R. Soles Professor of Political Science and chair of the Department of Political Science and International Relations.
  • DEL-CAN evaluation
    ​Researchers in the College of Arts and Sciences have been selected to work with colleagues at the University of Maryland to evaluate the new Delaware-Contraceptive Access Now (DEL-CAN) intervention.
  • Wall of Fame
    ​Four graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences were recognized for their professional and public service achievements as the newest members of the University of Delaware Alumni Wall of Fame.


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