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Cognitive Science Certificate Program

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Encouraging collaboration among faculty and students


Cognitive scientists are in disciplines as diverse as computer science, educational and cognitive development, linguistics, neuroscience, neurobiology, philosophy, psychology, robotics and mathematics. ​But we have common interests in the general field of cognitive science, arguably the most important development in the study of human thinking in the past twenty years. 

The human mind is viewed as using computational processes that by definition cross disciplinary boundaries. Progress in understanding how we comprehend the world can only be made when we break the standard disciplinary lines and work together to probe the complexity that makes human thinking unique.

This program is a platform for scientists across disciplines to interact and offer support for each other's research and instructional efforts.​​

Who we are

We are a group of graduate students and faculty from several departments and across colleges at UD who have research and educational interests in the general field of cognitive science. Our members come from departments such as Linguistics and Cognitive Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences, Anthropology​, Philosophy, Communication, Biological Sciences and Mechanical Engineering.

We employ a multitude of ways to promote our objective, from an M.A. in linguistics and cognitive science (administered by the Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science​) to our graduate certificate program​ to an exciting seminar series, graduate student symposium, and brown-bag faculty discussions.

Please visit our Research Page where we showcase some examples of the type of projects we are involved in.​

Our objectives

​We aim to bring together our diverse expertise to explore and exploit opportunities for collaboration, and educate each other on issues pertaining to several different threads and subareas within cognitive science. We expect our interaction to build bridges across different disciplines, carry methods and tools from one domain to another and promote scientific cross-pollination.

Any faculty member or graduate student at the University of Delaware is welcome to join us. We are eager to broaden our membership from departments around the university as cognitive science really has no firm boundaries and we are all enriched by the diversity found in our midst.

Send an email to  to join our mailing lists and be included in our communication regarding events and opportunities.

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Cognitive Science Certificate Program