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Senior Checkout & Commencement F.A.Q.

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About the Checkout


The "Senior Checkout" is also called "Degree Checkout" or, simply, "Checkout".

The Senior Checkout a webform which is sent to the student's email address. This webform asks them to confirm their academic plans and graduation date, provides specialized notes or instructions specific to the student being checked out, and contains an attached summary of their remaining requirements.

For most students, the attached summary of remaining requirements will simply be a pdf of the student's Degree Audit report. For a few students, who do not have usable audit (due to a unique academic program or other reasons), the summary take another form.  

It is imperative that you read and understand exactly what you must do to complete your degree, and that you do everything specified on the Checkout.

The Checkout is the document that will be used to determine degree certification. It is the document to which you should refer, in conjunction with your Degree Audit report and in consultation with your faculty advisor, when planning courses to complete your degree.

How do I get a Checkout?

If you are a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, there is no need to apply for a Checkout. Your Checkout will automatically be prepared by the UAS staff during your penultimate semester (the semester prior to the Graduation Term stated in UDSIS). Example: if graduation date is listed as fall, your Checkout will be completed during the previous spring semester. 

Your Checkout will be prepared via webform called "Degree Checkout" and sent electronically to your UDel e-mail account. Be sure to watch your Inbox for the document during your senior year. Once received, you can refer back to your Checkout by following the link in the original email, or by logging on to your Webforms

How does the Undergraduate Academic Services office know when I plan to finish my courses?

We use the "Grad Term" listed on your record on UDSIS.

"Grad Term" refers to the timing of your course completion, and not to the timing of the graduation ceremony. It is important to keep your graduation term up to date so that your Checkout is prepared and sent to you in a timely fashion and also so that your name is included in the Commencement program and on mailing lists related to graduation.

How do I change my "Expected Graduation Date?"

To change your Graduation Term, log into UDSIS and choose "Change of Major, Minor, Concentration & Graduation Term" form from the list under Forms. Use the drop down box under "new expected graduation term" and select the semester in which you plan to finish your last course. Take the next step and "Finish and Submit."

Now that I have my Checkout, what do I do?

Your Checkout should be used along with your degree audit and in consultation with your faculty advisor to plan the courses you need to take to fulfill your final degree requirements. Please understand that once your Checkout is complete, your record will not be reviewed again until final grades are posted at the end of the semester which is designated in UDSIS as your graduation term. It is your responsibility to fully understand and complete all requirements specified on your Checkout.

Before you register, double-check official publications such as the UD Catalog, to make sure that the courses that you choose will actually fulfill any remaining requirement. Once you have registered for your final courses, use your Degree Audit to verify that your selections are, indeed, counting towards your remaining requirements

What do I do if I have added a new major or minor after my Checkout has already been issued?

Please contact UAS at to update your Checkout.

What's the difference between "Senior Checkout/Degree Checkout" and "Degree Certification?"

"Senior Checkout/Degree Checkout" is an analysis how many credits and which requirements still need to be completed for your degree. Checkout occurs early in your senior year. 

"Degree Certification" occurs AFTER all final grades for your last courses are posted. Once final grades are posted, the Dean's Office can do a final review of your record and can confirm for the Registrar that you have met all requirements for the degree. If you have not met all requirements, then you will not be certified for your degree. Degree Certification is also sometimes referred to as "degree clearance". To "not be cleared" means your degree will not be posted to your official transcript and no diploma will be mailed to you. "Not cleared" means you have not graduated.

NOTE: Graduation ceremonies typically happen before all final grades are posted. "Walking" at graduation does NOT mean that you have earned your degree. It is only the final "degree certification" process that determines whether your are eligible for your degree.

Senior Checkout Discrepancies & Academic Changes

If I find a discrepancy on my Official Senior Checkout, what should I do?

Please use the Web Form to confirm that you have read the document and use the comments box to explain any inconsistencies that you see. The Dean's Office Contact who oversaw your Checkout will then contact you to resolve or clarify the issue(s). You may also send an e-mail directly to the UAS Program Manager responsible for your Checkout. Their name and email will be listed at the bottom of your Checkout as the "Dean's Office Contact". 

I have substitutions or waivers that are not accounted for, what should I do?

If you have received verbal approval for exceptions, waivers, substitutions, etc. for your major(s) or minor(s), you are responsible for arranging to have said approval officially noted on your Degree Audit report from the approving authority. This is typically accomplished by the faculty by way of the Course Substitution Webform.

If my online Degree Audit and my Senior Checkout don't match, what should I do?

The Checkout is a static document and reflects your student record at the time of its creation.  The Degree Audit is dynamic and will incorporate enrollment and other changes made after the Checkout is produced.  Both tools should be referenced when working towards degree completion, and please contact the “Dean’s Office Contact” listed at the bottom of your Checkout with any questions or concerns.

I have transfer work from another school or AP credit that still needs to be posted. What do I need to do?

If you need to have AP credit posted, you should contact the College Board and request that your scores be sent to the UD Admissions Office. For instructions about having transfer credit posted, you can visit the Registrar's transfer credit website, phone (302) 831-1551, or send an e-mail message to .

What happens if I don't finish my minor or second major?

If you have a minor or second major on your record that you are not planning to complete, YOU WILL NOT BE CLEARED FOR YOUR DEGREE. If you currently have a program declared on your record that you do not plan to complete, please delete it immediately through UDSIS using the "Change of Major, Minor, Concentration & Graduation Term" webform.

I have not officially declared my major, minor, and/or concentration. Is that a problem?

Yes. If your area of study does not appear properly on UDSIS, it will not be evaluated for Senior Checkout, nor will it appear on your official transcript after graduation. Any work you did for an undeclared are of study will not be officially recognized. Such information must be added to your academic program via UDSIS BEFORE you graduate, because nothing can be added to your transcript once your degree has been officially certified and conferred.

If UAS is not aware of your major, minor, and/or concentration when we complete your Checkout, the Checkout won't be helpful to you in determining which courses you still need. Please follow up with the Dean's Office Contact listed on your Checkout once your major/minor/concentration has been declared. 

Commencement and Degree Conferral

How can I avoid delays of graduation?

  • Examine your Checkout carefully after you receive it via your e-mail (as a Web Form called "degree checkout").
    • Be sure that the "Graduation Term" on your Checkout and on UDSIS match.
    • Be sure that the major(s), minor(s) and concentration(s) you actually will complete all appear correctly on your Checkout and your Unofficial Transcript in UDSIS. Make necessary corrections in UDSIS or email the Dean's Office Contact listed at the bottom of your Checkout to clarify what part of your Checkout needs to be amended.
  • Check your final grades for your last semester as soon as they are available.
  • If you notice any discrepancies, act immediately to rectify them.

Please note that the following issues will block your graduation until you resolve them:

  • Total credits less than the minimum required for the degree. In this case, please make sure AP and transfer credit is posted correctly to your record.
  • Cumulative GPA of less than 2.0. If your GPA is below 2.0, you must continue to take UD courses and earn good grades until you succeed in raising your GPA above the minimum 2.0.
  • Temporary grades of I, S, or U. Work with your faculty to resolve these or other grade issues, and alert UAS at  when a grade issue is resolved so that your record can be reviewed for degree certification.
  • Lack of official confirmation of departmental waivers or course substitutions. Make sure that any major or minor course substitutions, etc. have been documented in your Degree Audit by your major or minor department or Faculty advisors using the Course Substitution Webform.

Can I "walk" in the Commencement ceremony if I still have some credits to complete afterward?

Yes. The University has four degree certification cycles each year: at the end of the spring semester, the 2nd summer session, the fall semester, and winter session, but only ONE Commencement ceremony. For the ceremony, the University will print your name in the Spring Commencement program if your graduation term is listed in UDSIS for that academic year's summer, fall, winter, spring, and the following summer.

For additional information, please visit the Registrar's Web Site about Graduation & Diplomas.

It might be helpful for you to know that credentials (ID, academic status, etc.) are not checked at the door. However, all graduates and their guests must have a ticket. Tickets may be obtained through the UD Commencement website. Diplomas are not distributed during the Commencement ceremony. All students who arrive appropriately garbed in cap and gown can participate. Participating in Commencement does not equal graduation. Commencement is the University's collaboration with your faculty, friends and family to celebrate your accomplishment. The official business of graduation is degree certification and conferral. The UAS office is responsible for degree certification; we certify that you have completed all requirements for the degree. Once we have certified your degree, the Registrar's Office confers the degree, posts your degree to your transcript, and orders diplomas. Neither of those business actions will occur until after you have satisfactorily completed all requirements for your degree. Participation in the Commencement ceremony does not signify that you have graduated.

I have an Incomplete "I" or "S" grade. If I need more time to finish it, can I still keep my original graduation date?

Maybe. If there is just a short amount of time involved, then your graduation date can still be the original date. If, however, you are still working on coursework beyond the end of the semester, then your degree conferral date will be moved to the term during which you complete your final requirements. Contact UAS for information about deadlines for consideration towards a certain graduation term.

How can I qualify for academic honors at graduation (cum laude, etc.)?

The Registrar's Office administers conferral of academic honors at graduation and enters the notation of "Cum Laude," "Magna Cum Laude," or "Summa Cum Laude" on the diploma and transcript, according to policies established by the University. Consult the Registrar's Office website for detailed information on how academic honors are determined.

Will I lose access to my UDSIS and my email address after graduation?

Even after graduation, you will be able to log into UDSIS and access your UD email.

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