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Upcoming Registration Dates

The Registrar keeps a schedule of all registration dates and deadlines on the Academic Calendar. Please visit this page for the most up-to-date information.

If you have questions about registration, please see the Registrar's Office Registration FAQ

Advising and Registration Instructions

Advisement in advance of registration is highly recommended. The following step by step instructions will be helpful to you in arranging for advisement and registration. 

1. Log onto UDSIS and view the menus on the right to see your Advisor's name and your registration appointment. In each respective window, you can click on "details" to view contact information for your advisor(s) or view your registration appointment date and time.

2. Contact your advisor. While an email address is listed in UDSIS, you may also use the UD Directory to find your advisor's office location and telephone number. If no Advisor name is listed, phone your Major department office to ask who you should see for spring advisement, then schedule an appointment with the correct person.

3. Prepare for your advisement appointment in advance. Examine requirements for your Major in the printed or online Catalog. Review your Degree Audit in UDSIS to identify outstanding requirements. If you need assistance accessing or understanding your Degree Audit an instructional video is available HERE; please click on the link entitled "Student Center - My Academics" under the "Students" heading.

4. Make a preliminary choice of one or two Major courses for the upcoming fall or spring term. Examine Breadth Requirement course offerings for the upcoming semester and identify several options. Consider satisfying other degree requirements. If you wish to pursue a minor or second major, look up the course requirements as well: click here to view the Undergraduate Catalog.

5. Meet with your Advisor and discuss all of your spring course choices, including some possible alternates.

6. After meeting with your advisor, prepare a list of your preferred courses and a list of alternates in the event some of your first choices fill or there are time conflicts.

7. On the Registration Appointment date listed on your Student Center page, log onto UDSIS and submit your spring course registration. An instructional video is available HERE; please click on the link entitled "How to Use WebReg to Register for Classes" under the "Students" heading.

Helpful Resources

​UD Courses Search - use this tool to search for available courses in upcoming terms

UD Course Descriptions - use this to read course descriptions for courses you are considering

UDSIS - use this link to log into UDSIS to view your advisor, registration appointment, and academic plans

WebReg - this link will take you directly to registration

UDSIS and WebReg tutorial videos - under the "Students" heading are links to instructional videos for UDSIS and WebReg

Registrar Links for Students

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Registration Information