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New Student - Frequently Asked Questions

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I'd like to change my major. Can I do that?

Perhaps; it depends upon whether or not the major has open space for new students and on whether or not you have met the minimum requirements for admission to your intended major. Please contact the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) staff  to discuss any potential changes to your intended major.

Can I add a minor or a second major?

Not right now; new students cannot declare additional majors or add minors during their first semester at UD. Very often, though, it will be possible for you to take a course for the program you're interested in. Please feel free to contact us  to adjust your schedule accordingly.


How do I view my schedule?

First, log into UDSIS. Once your Student Center screen loads, click on "My Class Schedule" under the heading "Academics." This will show you your current schedule in both a course-by-course view and a calendar view. You may notice that on the calendar view, it appears that there is no space between your courses; a look at the course-by-course view will typically show a 15-minute gap between the end of one course and the start of another. Fifteen minutes is usually plenty of time to get from one class to another.

What i if I don't get a class that was recommended during my advisement appointment?

If you are not enrolled in a course that was recommended to you by your NSO advisor during your advisement appointment, you were likely enrolled in one of your alternate selections.

Please check in with a CAS staff member  if you have additional questions about your schedule and need assistance.

What is "Free Drop/Add"?

The Free Drop/Add period is a time at the start of each when students are able to make schedule adjustments with neither financial penalty nor academic penalty. After this date tuition and a $25 processing fee will be charged for change of registration; students withdrawing from courses will receive a grade of "W" on their permanent record.

How can I find out which courses are available?

You can use UD's courses search page to review course offerings: On this page, you can select the term, "Courses with Open Seats" and other criteria that interest you.

I found a class that I want to take but the course description indicates that it is reserved for students in the AA program. Can I still take it?


Most of my friends are taking ENGL110 this semester, but it's not on my schedule. Is there something wrong?

Probably not. While some students in CAS do take ENGL110 in their first semester, many students may take it in their second semester. The University of Delaware offers ENGL110 in every semester (including winter and summer sessions) so you will have many opportunities to take it. 

I accidently dropped a class and can't get back in because it's full. Can you help?

Unfortunately, in most cases we cannot. Staff members in the College of Arts & Sciences UAS have no authority to add you into a class that is full. If the course you dropped was required for your major, please contact our staff  for assistance.


Who is my advisor and when can I meet with him or her?

For majors in the College of Arts & Sciences, students will be assigned an academic advisor after they attend New Student Orientation.  If you have not been assigned an advisor, please contact our staff for assistance.


Do I have to take the math placement exam?

Yes, all students MUST take the Math Placement Exam. Failure to complete the placement process (including remediation) by that date will preclude you from being enrolled in your required classes which, in turn, may hinder you from completing your degree within the normal 4-year time frame.

If you have additional questions about the placement exam, please review the Math Department's website.


My AP Scores have arrived and I think I need to adjust my schedule. What do I do?

Please contact the CAS staff . We’ll need to know your name, student ID number, major, the name(s) and score(s) for each exam that you took.  Please include a screenshot from the Collegeboard website.

I have had transfer credit re-evaluated for course equivalencies, but the changes have not been made on my transcript. Is there something I need to do?

Please be sure that you have taken all of the steps on this page

If you have completed all steps, and the Registrar has received confirmation (via email from the evaluating faculty member(s)), please allow several weeks for the updates to be made to your record. If the changes have not been made to your record by mid-semester, please contact the Registrar directly at (302) 831-2131 or .

I have received credit for my transfer work, but the registration system does not recognize my pre-requisites, so I can’t register for certain courses. What can I do?

Please contact the CAS staff . We will need to know your name, major, student ID number, and the course you’d like to add (including the section number). We’ll also need you to forward us documentation of the approval from the appropriate faculty member.

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