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UAS Drop-In Services

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Changes for Spring 2020 semester

Due to the COVID-19 impact on the UD Spring semester, there will be no drop-in hours until further notice.  However, we will be available to assist students by email, phone, and Zoom.  If students are not sure how to contact us, they should email our general inbox at, and we will connect them to the appropriate Academic Advisor or Academic Program Manager.


When: 1 pm to 4 pm, Monday-Friday

There will be no drop-in hours on Thursday, March 26th.


  • 109 Mitchell Hall for Juniors and Seniors to see Academic Program Managers
  • 109 Mitchell Hall for Freshmen, Sophomores, and First-Semester Transfer Students to see their assigned Academic Advisors*
  • 118 Brown Lab for Freshmen, Sophomores, and First-Semester Transfer Students to see their assigned Academic Advisors*

* Freshmen, Sophomores, and First-Semester Transfer Students:  Please visit drop-in hours in the building where your assigned Academic Advisor is located.  You may see your Advisor or another Advisor who is on duty that day.  If you are not sure where your assigned Academic Advisor's location is, please email them, or call us at 302-831-3020.

Drop-in hours are intended to be brief - about 15 minutes.  If you know that your concerns might take longer, please schedule an appointment. During drop-in hours, students are seen in order of arrival, and it is possible that there may be a bit of a wait. We will let you know how long the wait might be when you check in.

Please be aware that, during certain times in the semester (during the drop/add period, around the academic change deadline, and during any registration periods), our drop-in volume is very high. During those times, please be prepared to wait to see an Advisor/Academic Program Manager.

If, in the very rare circumstance that drop-in hours will be cancelled, this information will be posted on this website and/or the door to our offices.

As always, please feel free to email us with non-urgent concerns.  You can email your assigned Academic Advisor directly or our general email: . We'll get back to you within 2 business days (often sooner).

​Students may visit the office during DROP-IN HOURS for the following services:

General Questions:  Students with routine questions are invited to meet with an Advisor/Academic Program Manager during drop-in hours. However, "quick questions" (clarification of a policy, questions about breadth, etc.) can be answered via email: , and students with complex questions or multiple concerns should schedule an appointment.

Excused Absence: If you need to discuss an excused absence, please call (302) 831-3020 or visit during our office's drop-in hours. If you have missed more than a week of class, please schedule an appointment. 

Changes of Registration after Drop/Add: Our staff members will be happy to help students understand the implications of withdrawing or changing course registration to Audit or Pass/Fail.

University Withdrawal or Leave of Absence: Our office can assist students with withdrawing from the University entirely or with taking an official Leave of Absence. For Educational Leave of Absence, students should be prepared to provide documentation (course enrollment at another institution, etc.). For more information about time away from the University, please visit the Registrar's website.

Please note: Medical Leave of Absence is processed through the Office of the Dean of Students. Military Leave of Absence is processed through the Veterans Service Coordinator.

Other: If you are not sure if we're the right place, please call us: (302) 831-3020 or email . We'll let you know if drop-ins are appropriate.

You should make an APPOINTMENT to discuss:

General Advising: Course selection and other general advising discussions should occur between students and their UAS or Faculty Advisors.  CAS Freshmen, Sophomores, and First-Semester Transfer Students have an assigned UAS Academic Advisor.  CAS Juniors and Seniors have an assigned Faculty Advisor.  You can see your assigned Advisor(s) listed on UDSIS. 

Long-term Academic Planning: Four-year planning should be done by students and discussed with their UAS or Faculty Advisors. For Juniors and Seniors who are trying to plan multiple academic programs and want to know how they can satisfy different requirements and still meet their intended graduation term, please email to schedule an appointment with an Academic Program Manager. 

Change of Major Guidance: For complex questions and concerns related to changes of major, students should contact their assigned Academic Advisor or email to schedule an appointment with an Academic Program Manager. Additional guidance for students interested in changing their major can be found on the Academic Planning section of our website.

Extenuating Circumstances: Sometimes, unexpected things get in the way of your academics or continued studies. If you are experiencing unusual circumstances that are impacting your ability to remain enrolled, please contact your assigned Academic Advisor or email to schedule an appointment with an Academic Program Manager.  If you have an urgent situation, you can call us at 302-831-3020. We can either assist you directly or connect you with the people on campus who can assist you.

The following do not require a meeting with our staff members:

Quick/General Questions: If you simply need clarification of a policy or need assistance with finding information, please feel free to contact your assigned Academic Advisor or email We'll get back to you within two business days with a thorough answer to your question. When sending us a message, please include your full name and student ID number so we can provide you with information as it applies directly to you.

Degree Checkout: UAS completes official Degree Checkouts for all students who are Seniors within CAS. Degree Checkouts are automatically completed in the semester prior to a student's graduation term (as listed in UDSIS). For example, all students who have Spring graduation terms listed in UDSIS will receive a Degree Checkout in the middle of the Fall semester prior to graduation. Our office does not schedule appointments for Degree Checkouts; instead they are automatically sent to students' email addresses. Students who would like to find out about the status of their Degree Checkout can email the office at . For a more thorough explanation of the Degree Checkout process, please visit our Degree Checkout FAQ page.

Degree Clearance: No meeting is required in order to verify that you have completed all degree requirements. After you have completed your final semester, our staff members provide confirmation to the Registrar's Office. Using your Degree Checkout and Degree Audit in UDSIS, we verify that you have, in fact, completed all of your requirements and are eligible for your degree. There is nothing that you need to do to initiate this process. Once we have confirmed your eligibility, the Registrar's Office will post your degree to your official transcript and order your diploma. Read more information about degree conferral, graduation ceremonies, and diplomas.

Transfer credit: UAS Academic Advisors and Academic Program Managers are authorized to provide approval for transfer of credit on behalf of the Assistant Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. Before visiting UAS and seeking the Assistant Dean's signature, you should complete steps 1-3 of the transfer credit process as listed on the Registrar's website for currently enrolled students.

Completed Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) forms (including additional documentation, such as email from faculty with course evaluation) should be dropped off with reception in 109 Mitchell Hall or emailed in PDF format to An Advisor or Academic Program Manager will review your TCE form and documentation and provide the signature of approval. You will receive an email when your TCE form has been signed. Our staff will forward the form to the Registrar on your behalf.

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