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UAS and Departmental Contacts

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UAS Faculty Liaisons

​ Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS) provides liaisons between the Dean's Office and academic departments to support faculty advisement. Your department's faculty advisement liaison is responsible for coordinating the Senior Checkout process for students in your department. Your liaison can also assist you with interpreting transcripts, identifying degree requirements, understanding policy, and troubleshooting issues pertaining to faculty advisement. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate coordinator from the list below.

To reach your liaison by phone: (302) 831-3020

To reach your liaison by email

Departmental Advising Contacts by Portfolio Area

A list of the faculty advising contacts in all CAS departments and programs can be found here.


Art - BAChantelle Batson 
Fine Arts - BFAChantelle Batson
Visual Communication - BFAChantelle Batson
Dance MinorChantelle Batson
Interactive Media Minor (ART)Chantelle Batson
Liberal Studies (Excludes Medical Scholars)Chantelle Batson
Music & Music EducationChantelle Batson
Theatre MinorChantelle Batson


Africana StudiesChantelle Batson
African Studies MinorChantelle Batson
Art ConservationChantelle Batson
Art HistoryChantelle Batson
Asian StudiesChantelle Batson
Comparative LiteratureChantelle Batson
EnglishChantelle Batson
English Education (Secondary)Chantelle Batson
European StudiesChantelle Batson
Environmental Humanities Minor​Chantelle Batson
Global Studies MinorChantelle Batson
History & History FLLChantelle Batson
History/Secondary Social Studies EducationChantelle Batson
Irish Studies MinorChantelle Batson
Islamic Studies MinorChantelle Batson
Jewish Studies MinorChantelle Batson
Journalism Minor (ENGL)Chantelle Batson
Languages, Literatures & CulturesChantelle Batson
Languages, Literatures & Cultures - Secondary EducChantelle Batson
Latin American & Iberian StudiesChantelle Batson
Material Culture Studies Minor (ARTC)Chantelle Batson
Medical Humanities MinorChantelle Batson
Medieval Studies MinorChantelle Batson
PhilosophyChantelle Batson
Religious Studies MinorChantelle Batson

Natural Sciences

Actuarial Sciences (Mathematics)Shannan (Stryjewski) Schobinger
​Applied Mathematics​Shannan (Stryjewski) Schobinger
BiochemistrySarah Wetherall
Biological Sciences, Pharmacy Interest, Biological Sciences EducationSarah Wetherall
Chemistry, Chemistry EducationSarah Wetherall
Cognitive Science-BSSarah Wetherall
Liberal Studies (Medical and Dental Scholars)Sarah Wetherall
Linguistics-BASarah Wetherall
Mathematics, Mathematics EducationShannan (Stryjewski) Schobinger
Mathematics  and EconomicsShannan (Stryjewski) Schobinger
NeuroscienceShannan (Stryjewski) Schobinger
Physics & Astronomy, Physics EducationShannan (Stryjewski) Schobinger
Psychology (Psychological & Brain Sciences)Shannan (Stryjewski) Schobinger
​Science Education (Secondary) Majors: Chem Ed, Bio Ed, Phys Ed​See listed Academic Program Manager for appropriate department
Quantitative BiologyShannan (Stryjewski) Schobinger

​Social Sciences

Anthropology/Anthropology EducationAmy McCormick
CommunicationAmy McCormick
Political CommunicationAlison Wade
Criminal JusticeAmy McCormick
Energy and Environmental PolicyAmy McCormick
​Energy and Environmental Policy Minor​Amy McCormick
Fashion & Apparel StudiesAlison Wade
Apparel DesignAlison Wade
Legal Studies MinorAmy McCormick
Political Science & Political Science Education Alison Wade
International RelationsAlison Wade
Political Science & FLLAlison Wade
Public PolicyAlison Wade
Sexuality & Gender Studies Minor (WOMS)Amy McCormick
Sociology & Sociology EducationAmy McCormick
Organizational & Commumity Leadership (OCL)Alison Wade
Women & Gender StudiesAmy McCormick

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UAS and Departmental Contacts