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​Welcome to the

Legal Professional Preparatory Program​

About LP3​​

The Legal Professional Preparatory Program (LP3) is designed to support students at the University of Delaware who wish to pursue a career in law.  LP3 prepares students for law school and careers in related fields by creating a network of resources built through the students and alumni of the University. LP3 provides students with the opportunity to attend networking events, workshops, and receive mentoring, scholarships, and much more! LP3 is committed to ensuring that students at the University of Delaware are supplied with the tools and guidance necessary to successfully pursue a career in law or related to the field of law.

To stay up-to-date on events and updates from LP3, feel free to sign up for the LP3 mailing list​.  By signing up, you could be the first to hear about opportunities for law school, receive career advice, find a mentor, hear about job openings, apply for scholarships, and take the first step towards advancing your career goals!

If you would like to learn more or schedule an advising appointment, please email us at pre-law@udel.edu 



LSAC​: Also known as the Law School Admissions Council, this is the official organization regarding everything law school. They administer the LSAT exam that allows you to get into law schools and provide a great deal of information about law schools. This is an excellent resource and a great way to get insight into the legal community.

Law School Transparency​: This website helps pre-law students make strategic choices about where to attend law school. 

PCS LSAT classes: The Professional & Continuing Studies department provides discounts for UD Students who are interested in taking an LSAT prep course. 

HenLaw​: This is a community available for people interested in the legal profession. There are opportunities to hear from high profile UD alumni in the legal profession, peer to peer  advice and access to resources in the LP3 program and is a great way to interact with people on similar journeys as you. 

Gaul Family Fund: This provides monetary support to students who are registering for LSAT Test Preparation courses in anticipation of attending law school. Special consideration will be given to first generation or students of historically underrepresented populations.​​​


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Are you interested in or currently on the pre-law track?  Join our mailing list​ to receive the latest updates on resources available for students of all year groups.Whether it’s upcoming events, information about internships or free money for LSAT prep classes, our emails will keep you informed and connected. There are endless opportunities!