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Alumni Awardees

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Menbere Alemayehu '90Presidential Citation Award02007.00000000000
Tony Allen '93 '01PhDPresidential Citation Award02001.00000000000
Robert J. Andrzejewski '75 '79M '88EdDPresidential Citation Award02004.00000000000
Amelia Augustus '59UD Alumni Wall of Fame02000.00000000000
John J. Baldwin '56CAS Achievement Award02011.00000000000
Scott A. Barber '96Presidential Citation Award02014.00000000000
Jo Anne Bryant Barnhart '75UD Alumni Wall of Fame02004.00000000000
Lisa A. Bartolozzi '85Presidential Citation Award02000.00000000000
Mary Ann Hangen Blair '66 '82MCAS Achievement Award02011.00000000000
Katherine A. Boehret '02Presidential Citation Award02010.00000000000
Deidre A. Bosley '79CAS Achievement Award02012.00000000000
Leslie Greene Bowman '80MPresidential Citation Award02001.00000000000

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Alumni Awardees
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Alumni Awardees
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