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College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Senate

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Department Senators
​Africana Studies
​Jorge Serranoserrano@udel.eduX2897​​19S
​AnthropologyGeorgina X185120​S
​Art & DesignLance Winn
​Art Conservation​Jocelyn Alcantara-Garcia ​ ​X348919S​
​Art HistoryMargaret​X678920S
​Biological SciencesOyenike Olabisi ​X1215​19S
​Chemistry and Biochemistry​Sandeep Patel ​​X602420S​
​Communication​Tracey Holden​X3571​19S
​EnglishSean Zdenek          ​X3660​20S
English Language InstituteEleanora​X3215​19S
​Fashion and Apparel StudiesDilia Lopez-Gydosh            X659319S​
​Languages, Literatures and CulturesSusan McKenna          X338919S​
​History​Darryl Flaherty flaherty@udel.eduX0798​20S
​Linguistics & Cognitive ScienceKaja Jasinska​X680619S​
​Mathematical Sciences​Yuk Leung ​ X1881​20S​
​Music​Philip Gentry X8134​20S​
​Physics & Astronomy​Edward Lyman      ​X3519​20S
​Political Science & International RelationsMuqtedar Khan​X1939​18S
​Psychological & Brain Sciences​Adele Hayes ​​X0484​19S
​School of Public Policy AdministrationDanilo Yanich​x1710​19S
​Sociology & Criminal JusticeEllen Donnelly​X2581​19S
​TheatreLynnette Overbyoverbyl@udel.eduX8995​18S
​Women and Gender Studies​Jennifer Lobasz​X1925​19S
Program Senators
Associate in ArtsJohn 302-571-5664​19S​
​Jewish Studies​Eynat Gutman       eynat@udel.edux339319S

At-large Senators
Larry DugganEnglish lgjd@udel.edux650120S
Deni Galileo​Biological Sciences x127720S
John Gizis​Physics & Astronomy gizis@udel.edux2668​19S
Bernard McKenna​​x8059​19S
Lydia Timmins​​x8041​19S
​Andrea Sarzynski​School of Public Policy & Administration​​​ ​x1244​20S


Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

​John A. Pelesko, Interim Dean

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College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Senate