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Researchers have created biodegradable shoes using mushrooms, chicken feathers and textile waste Association Article spotlights research by masters degree student Jillian Silverman and undergraduate Wing Tang, which was overseen by Huantian Cao and Kelly Cobb, both from Fashion and Apparel Studies. The piece ran in several UK and Irish outlets, including Yahoo UK.
Trump's chaotic foreign policy leaves the rest of the world guessing News Journal Muqtedar Khan, Political Science and International Relations, writes about the inconsistent and reckless behavior the president has exhibited during dealings with Russia, Syria, Mexico and other nations.
The ethically murky marriage of technology and beauty"As more and more companies are using technology to develop customized cosmetics, they need to pay attention to issues of accessibility not only from the standpoint of price and availability but from a marketing standpoint as well," said Tiffany Gill, History and Africana Studies.
The Dress Doctor Is In New York TimesArticle quotes Jaehee Jung, Fashion and Apparel Studies, who talked about her course, the Social Psychological Aspects of Clothing.
Mark Zuckerberg emerges unscathed by congressional grilling as Facebook hearing ends"Zuckerberg's testimony demonstrated that the company has matured over the last decade, in particular in his acknowledgement that Facebook is responsible for the content shared on its platform," said Dannagal Young, Communication.
PETA opposes UD professor's research OnlineLocal news outlet reports on complaint by PETA regarding the work of Tania Roth, Psychological and Brain Sciences, who studies the biological effects of childhood mistreatment using rats.
Meet the UD researcher working on ‘technology that would eliminate doors’ business blog spotlights new technology, HyperCell, developed by Jia-Rey Chang, Art and Design. It includes smart walls that automatically alter the size and shape of a space as needed.
GE Urged to Dump Auditor KPMG After 109 Years by Proxy Advisers Wall Street Journal Investors rarely reject an outside auditor recommended by a corporate board, according to Charles Elson, head of the Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at University of Delaware.
GE Shareholders Urged to Kick KPMG to the Curb by ISS, Glass Lewis"A shareholder vote [against an auditor] in a large, existing company doesn't happen to often, if at all," said Charles Elson, Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance.
Spotify's NYSE debut reignites debate over Wall Street's IPO machine OnlineCharles Elson, Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance, said banks have historically staked their reputations on stock offerings. "Breaking the convention has created some real risks for investors," he said.

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