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A Deadly Storm Is About to Hit — But Many People Will Likely Not Evacuate + Co“Some of the most common that have been studied involve their perceptions of risk, issuance of a mandatory evacuation order, [and] their financial ability to evacuate,” said Jennifer Horney, Disaster Research Center and Epidemiology.
The Science Behind Composting mentions research led by Huantian Cao, Fashion and Apparel Studies. His team has developed a shoe that is essentially made of mushrooms.
Republicans split over criminal justice reform NewsNicole Gonzalez Van Cleve, Sociology and Criminal Justice, is interviewed in the piece on NPR.
Hurricane Florence's Flooding Could Trigger Public Health Emergency from Toxic Sludge, Pig Manure Horney2018-09-11T04:00:00ZThe Weather ChannelJennifer Horney, Disaster Research Center and Epidemiology, noted that what makes Florence so menacing is the multi-layered threat of "inland precipitation, subsidence," meaning land tilting into the sea, "storm surge, and sea level rise."
Hurricane Florence Is Dangerous, But Here's Why Some People Won't Evacuate Horney2018-09-11T04:00:00ZForbesJennifer Horney, Disaster Research Center and Epidemiology, said the evacuation of New Orleans for Katrina was widely viewed as a debacle, it actually succeeded on many counts.
Left looks to Delaware for next win over establishment HillNancy Karibjanian, Center for Political Communication, is quoted.
How seeing a political logo can impair your understanding of facts NewsHourArticle quotes Dannagal Young, communication, on new study that suggests the presence of partisan logos on social media platforms impairs the ability to consider facts.
What Was Lost in Brazil’s Devastating Museum Fire AtlanticMariana Di Giacomo, art conservation, comments on the fire that tore through Brazil's National Museum.
Tales from the Trade War with China ShowDr. Sheng Lu, associate professor from the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware, stops by Shoe-In at FN Platform to discuss the impact the trade war with China is having on the fashion industry.
The Revolutionary Power of Pies in Queen Sugar AtlanticTanisha Ford speaks with Violet "Aunt Vi" Bordelon.

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