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The most energetic cosmic rays pelting Earth are coming from outside our galaxy Gaisser, physics, discussed a new study on the origin of cosmic rays.
'Brain Camp' gives students intensive introduction to neuroscience 360 NewsNSF news site featured a video on UD's Summer Workshop in Cognitive and Brain Sciences, which engages students from across the U.S. in exploring the frontiers of brain research.
REP's 'Mountaintop' makes you think about MLK Jr.'s life News Journal Review of UD's professional Resident Ensemble Players season opener, playwright Katori Hall's poetic fictional re-imagining of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s last night on earth, April 3, 1968.
The Surprising Reason Americans Are Obsessed With Pumpkins Ott, author of Pumpkin: The Curious History of an American Icon and a professor of history at UD, discussed why American colonists originally rejected the pumpkin. Story also ran on Food & Wine's website.
Puerto Rico faces tough choices in restoring power supply - American Public MediaBenigno Aguirre, disaster research center, discussed how Puerto Rico's businesses might rebuild after this season's multiple hurricanes. Story ran on NPR stations nationwide.
Post to LinkedIn 6 world-changing predictions from the Biden jobs panel Story recaps this week's “Choosing a Future of Quality Jobs” event hosted by UD's Biden Institute.
Biden talks economy, education ABC affiliate shows video from an economic roundtable hosted by Joe Biden at UD; the national network aired UD's live stream of the event.
Biden hosts discussion on job opportunities, challenges Press AP's coverage of the Biden Institute's forum on jobs and the economy ran in several newspapers nationwide and was featured on their websites.
Mark Zuckerberg to make rare court appearance Charles Elson, Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance, comments on Facebook's nontraditional governance model. "Facebook was not built to be a traditional company," he said.
Joe Biden opposes Mark Zuckerberg and other execs on giving Americans free cash handouts Cable NetworkNetwork's website mentions a blog post by UD's Biden Institute, as well as the institute's effort to enhance economic growth strategies and developing methods for workers to co-exist with new technologies.

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