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CAS Up Close

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​Welcome to our collection of extreme close-ups – and their revealed locations – that feature all corners of the College of Arts and Sciences. Close-ups are highlighted in the college’s monthly e-newsletter, The Cornerstone. Have an idea for a future feature? Let us know at



From The Cornerstone, August 2016<p>​The August CAS Up Close photo highlights a colorful, artistic plate that is a decoration in the office of the Dean at 4 Kent Way.The plate, which came from Turkey, was gifted by a student and is among other donated pieces that decorate the first floor of the office. The Dean’s office also houses associate deans and administrative staff.​</p>
From The Cornerstone, July 2016<p>​The piece featured in the July CAS Up Close is called “Recognizable Something” and was designed by <a href="" target="_blank">David Meyer</a>, Associate Professor of <a href="" target="_blank">Art</a>. The stainless steal piece is more than 8-feet tall and currently stands on Main Street in Newark near Delaware Running Company. It was originally installed near Home Grown Café in 2002 before it was moved to its current location around 2008. The sculpture’s spherical shape is composed of 3/8-inch stainless steel rods formed into hundreds of connecting lines derived from nature. It was commission by the Downtown Newark Partnership.</p>
From The Cornerstone, June 2016<p>June's CAS Up Close photo features a sculpture gifted to the <a href="" target="_blank">Center for Area and Global Studies</a>, which stands in a display on the third floor of McKinly Lab. The sculpture was a gift to the Interim Director of the Center for Global and Area Studies by visiting Brazilian professor Daiane Tamanaha, who teaches Portuguese at Princeton University. It was created by <a href="" target="_blank">Dedo de gente</a>, a place of learning and solidarity. They are a cooperative of young people who make art with the colors, the flavors, and the knowledge of Minas Gerais, Brazil.</p>
From The Cornerstone, May 2016<p>​The May CAS Up Close features a display honoring the University of Delaware’s two Nobel laureates. It is the first thing students and visitors see as they enter the lobby of Brown Laboratory. The display, which was dedicated on April 14, 2015, honors student Daniel Nathans and faculty member Richard Heck. In 2010, Heck won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his development of a new palladium-catalyzed reaction in organic chemistry now known as the Heck Reaction — a process that changed the way molecules are made and is credited with revolutionizing the production of such materials as modern pharmaceutical drugs and agrochemicals. Nathans, who earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry at UD in 1950, got his first laboratory experience participating in undergraduate research at the University. Known as “the father of modern biotechnology” for his work with restriction enzymes, widely used today to analyze and clone genes, he went on to earn the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1978 and the National Medal of Science in 1993.</p>
From The Cornerstone, April 2016<p>​The work of art featured in April’s CAS Up Close is one in a collection of pieces by Chris Malcomson. The pictured piece, which hangs on the second floor of Memorial Hall near the <a href="">English Department</a> administrative offices, is one of several paintings that were donated. Malcomson donated much of the art that hangs in the building. He is an abstract painter and watercolorist, who lives in Philadelphia.</p>
From The Cornerstone, March 2016<p>​The expressions featured in the March CAS Up Close are those of art students who posed for “Seeing and Being.”  The photograph, found in <a href="">ISE Lab</a> outside of room 110, highlights the different expressions described by the French neurologist  Duchenne de Boulogne in his book Le Mecanisme de la Physionomie Humaine (or, The Mechanism of Human Facial Expression). Students from the <a href="">Department of Anthropology</a> and <a href="">Art</a> collaborated on this project, “The Expressions of the Emotions in Man and Animals,” in preparation for International Darwin Day this year. <a href="">International Darwin Day</a>,  observed on February 12, is a program of the American Humanist Association founded by Dr. Robert Stephens, focused on celebrating Darwin’s life and work.</p>
From The Cornerstone, February 2016<p>​The February CAS Up Close photo highlights the primitive eagle and crest cement emblem on the mailbox of 24 Kent Way, home to the <a href="">Department of Philosophy</a>.  The regal mailbox welcomes students, staff and faculty passing through to take care of business—from staff meetings to collaborations with international partners, planning future <a href="">study abroad programs</a>. From its post, it peers across to 15 Kent Way, the department’s annex, which is also home to philosophy faculty and staff alike.</p>
From The Cornerstone, January 2016<p>​January's CAS Up Close highlights the <a href="">School of Public Policy & Administration’s</a> (SPPA) “The Geography of Our Work.” The maps, which hang on display in Graham Hall, serve as visual representations of the local and global locations where SPPA has made social, economic, and academic impacts. SPPA is globally recognized for translating scholarship and research into usable knowledge that can inform decision-making and policy, improve leadership and management, and address critical societal needs. The pinned sites denote: cooperative agreements, study abroad destinations, research projects, faculty partnerships, faculty and student exchanges, visiting scholars, and Fulbright Scholars.</p>

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