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Student Advisory Council 2016-2017

Promoting communication and enhancing student experiences

The College of Arts & Sciences Student Advisory Council enables enthusiastic undergraduates to work with the Dean and the CAS leadership administrators to address concerns and work toward improvements within the college. The council was established to promote communication of relevant and helpful information between students and the college administration, with a goal of enhancing the educational experience for all CAS students.

Student members are responsible for attending the Advisory Council's meetings to discuss issues and concerns and to share their suggestions for possible initiatives. Any undergraduate who is interested in helping to improve the college and the experience it provides students may apply to become a council member.​



Alyssa Ashley - College of Arts & Sciences<p>​A strong believer that you should love what you do, Alyssa Ashley has found her ideal career path in all aspects of communications. Alyssa brings passion and dedication as a member of the Student Advisory Council. Before joining the council, Alyssa was elected as the Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences apart of the Student Government Association and at Marina Maher Communications in New York as the consumer group’s public relations intern. Always keeping busy, Alyssa became a HBO Campus Agent, Elite Daily contributor writer, and Fuse Mountain Dew Brand Ambassador. Alyssa’s strength in cultivating and maintaining close media relationships has enabled her to continue in the field of public relations. Originally from New York, Alyssa’s love for adventure and differentially brought her to the University of Delaware where she is an undergraduate aiming to achieve a Bachelors of Arts in Communications.</p>alashley96@gmail.com
Lovely Lacy - College of Arts & Sciences<p>​Bio coming soon<br></p>llacey@udel.edu
Anna Oswald - College of Arts & Sciences<p>​Anna is an extremely driven student who always strives to look out for the greater good of others and making the community a better place.  Anna transferred to UD from Washington College in Chestertown, MD, to pursue a BA in Political Science with a minor in Russian Studies,  She is hoping to join the Air Force as an officer upon graduation in 2019. Anna has participated in Habitat for Humanity, volunteered at local hospitals and is an active member of The Civil Air Patrol of New Castle County.  </p>aoswald@udel.edu
Stephanie Palmer - College of Arts & Sciences<p>Stephanie Palmer: Stephanie is a junior with a double major in Public Policy and Economics. She was awarded the W.L. Gore Entrepreneurial Scholarship and recognized as a Multiethnic Student of Distinction. In addition to her involvement with CAS Student Advisory Council, Stephanie is a Tier Two student with the Blue Hen Leadership Program (BHLP). Along with other Tier Two students, Stephanie will spend the year formulating and implementing a solution to an on campus issue. In addition to this project, she serves as a Peer Advisor for Tier One leadership students in the BHLP program. Stephanie enjoys participating with the Yoga Club, going on adventures with the Outing Club, and being of member of an intramural volleyball and soccer team, as well as being an active member of the Alpha Delta Pi Chapter. Stephanie is passionate about creating positive change and channels this passion through service. She will be traveling to Puerto Rico this winter to volunteer with the BHLP Winter Sustainability trip and looks forward to many opportunities to do service abroad in the future. </p>spalmer1496@gmail.com
Austin Roadarmel - College of Arts & Sciences<p>​Austin is a senior studying Biology. As a David A. Plastino Scholar, Austin spent three weeks in the summer of 2015 studying healthcare systems in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and the US for a comparative healthcare study. Austin also serves as a Biology Ambassador, undergraduate researcher in Colby lab, Microbiology TA, volunteer at Wilmington Hospital ER, and sings with the University of Delaware Schola Cantorum community choir. Austin has also served as a Biology Studio Fellow and Chemistry Workshop Leader.</p>austroad@udel.edu
Hannah Wastyk - College of Arts & Sciences<p>Hannah is a senior Biochemistry major in the UD Honors Program. In addition to serving on the CAS Student Advisory Council, she is also highly involved with on-campus research, working under Dr. Catherine Grimes to help understand Crohn's disease at a biochemical level. She is President of ASBMB (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), which works to connect students with the greater science community through professional development.</p>hwastyk@udel.edu

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Student Advisory Council 2016-2017
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