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​Student Success Center​​​​​​

Welcome to the Student Success Center for the College of Arts & Sciences!
We are also known as the College of Arts & Sciences Assistant Dean's office.​​​

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Co-curricular experiences are an extension of formal learning in the classroom; they enhance and complement the curriculum. Co-curricular opportunities engage students by building transferable skills, leadership, and educational competencies related to career interests. The Student Success Center's co-curricular coaching team helps students succeed by connecting them with mentors, research opportunities, internships, academic support resources​​​​ and more!

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Our mission​​​

The SSC team, in partnership with the larger UD community, provides advising, academic, and co-curricular support to students as they navigate their academic journeys. We empower students to utilize resources, make campus connections, and advocate for themselves, so they can achieve their academic, career, and personal goals.​