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Scott Beale ’08M Alumnus Scott Beale Named to the Nonprofit Times' Power & Influence Top 50
Ai Hisano, 2016PhD Hisano, who earned a Ph.D. in history and is now a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, won the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools’ dissertation award for her research on the food industry’s use of color.
Charlie Crystle, 1990 his time in the tech industry, Charlie Crystle surely saw his share of success. He founded the business software company ChiliSoft, which sold for $70 million in 2000, and Mission Research, the leading software provider to the nonprofit sector.
Rebecca Guarino '15 Guarino came to the University of Delaware planning to use her talents in mathematics to study engineering, but she discovered a love of teaching — and of connecting with the kids who most needed help — that she couldn’t ignore.
Alexandra Zafiroglu, 1993 Zafiroglu may not be observing indigenous people in isolated locations, but she says she is certainly an anthropologist
College of Arts & Sciences Celebrating Achievement & Success Event - 2016 University of Delaware’s CAS honored the accomplishments of alumni, faculty and students at its annual spring Celebrating Achievement and Success event.
Mary Coughlin '05 Coughlin got the chance to work on an iconic Star Wars droid costume that led to a visit to George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch.
Corina Gilden 2000 Gilden, a doctoral student in human development and family studies (HDFS) at the University of Delaware, holds the belief that many societal issues could be resolved if people worked together to implement solutions.
Ty Jones ’92, ’95M conducting research in preparation for presenting the Paul R. Jones lecture, Ty Jones discovered a few quotes that hit home about the University of Delaware benefactor in whose honor the lecture series is named.
LeeAnn Barnes Gordon, AS11M one shocking news report after another shows the damage being done to priceless antiquities and historic sites in war-torn Syria, a UD alumna is working toward a more hopeful future in which some of these treasures can be preserved.
Elana Metz '15 Metz, a 2015 graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences’ international relations program with a minor in Islamic studies, had always dreamed of taking part in a language immersion program.
David Plastino 1978 Plastino believes in the butterfly effect, in the phenomenon that one chance encounter can ripple through history in the most unintended and unexpected of ways.
Tony Allen, '93, PhD '01 chairs the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee (WEAC) and the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission (WEIC), and is a member of the University’s Board of Trustees.
Wall of Fame Induction University of Delaware graduates were recognized for their professional and public service achievements as the newest members of the UD Alumni Wall of Fame.
Dr. Meredith Warner ’95 a breathtaking journey that has taken her from the battlefields of two wars to the less traumatic pressures of creating her own line of orthopedic footwear, Warner has filled the 20 years since she left UD with a dizzying array of achievements.
Lawrence Principe 1983​wrence M. Principe, an authority on the history of science with a special focus on the history of alchemy, is Drew Professor of the Humanities and director of the Charles S. Singleton Center for the Study of Premodern Europe at Johns Hopkins University
Megan Szabo 2003 Szabo, a middle school science teacher who earned her bachelor's degree in biology education from UD in 2003 after a visit to her father's high school classroom inspired her to change her career focus from medicine to education, is Delaware's 2015 T
Grace Leong 1988 managing partner of the successful New York City firm Hunter Public Relations, Grace Leong has offered numerous internships to students from her alma mater, saying she "always wanted to go one step beyond" for UD, which had provided her with undergradu
Rysheema Dixon 2009 just six years since graduating with a degree in sociology, Rysheema Dixon has worked with Public Allies, interned with a women's organization in India and started her own business to advocate ​​for affordable services in communities. She calls herself
Ellen Williams 1984 & Adam Zucker 1985 (10.jpgEllenWilliamsAndAdamSuckerEllen Williams '84 and Adam Zuckner '85 are the key leaders if the nonprofit Angel Flight East, which connects people who have critical medical issues with volunteer pilots who get them the treatment they need.
Frank Wickes 1959 Wickes came to UD with a love of music and, thanks to his professors, he developed an equal passion for teaching that led him to a successful, five-decade career as a music educator and conductor.​​
Michele Hackley Johnson 1975 johnson.jpgMicheleHackleyJohnsonMichele Hackley Johnson was intrigued by forensics “before forensics was cool,” she says. She’s turned that interest into a career as a prominent diagnostic radiologist, neurosurgeon and trailblazing Yale Medical School professor.​​​
Dennis Carr 1999 term “globalism” may be a buzzword, but that doesn’t mean it’s a new concept. Just ask alumnus Dennis Carr, AS99M, whose exhibit, Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia, is on view at the Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library in Wilmington,

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