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New Students Fall 2020

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Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)! We are looking forward to seeing you at our New Student Orientation (NSO) events this Summer!

If you have general questions about New Student Orientation (NSO), please visit the Orientation and Transitions Program (OTP) website.


Meet Your College

You have already received an invitation to sign up, in your My Blue Hen Home portal for a Meet Your College session.  At this session, you will join Academic Advisors from the College of Arts and Sciences, and other students, to learn about our College, your general degree requirements, how advising works in our College, and what to expect at your individual advising appointment.  Please plan to attend the Meet Your College session before attending your individual advising appointment.

Academic Advising Appointment

In mid-June, your College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advisor will email you with information and a link to schedule your individual academic advising appointment.  Here is some information to help you prepare…

UD Email

You must set up your UD email address so you can receive your Advisor's invitation to schedule your advising appointment.  Please do this right away, and check your UD email regularly.

Pre-Advisement Survey

You have already received a link (also found in your My Blue Hen Home portal) to an online Pre-Advisement Survey that you are required to complete. The survey will ask about your AP credit, transfer credit, language background, and your interests in breadth courses. This information will help your Advisor, during your NSO advising appointment, determine what courses are best for you to take during your first semester at UD. It will take you about 10-20 minutes to complete the survey.  Not completing the survey may put you at risk for not being registered for Fall courses, so please complete it right away.

Breadth Courses

Please use this list to review breadth courses.  You can discuss these courses when you meet with your Advisor.

Math Placement

If you haven't already completed your Math Placement Exam, you will need to do so as soon as possible and before your advising appointment. You can access it through your My Blue Hen Home portal. Please note that your Math course registration is entirely dependent on your performance on this exam and your intended major. It is important for you to take the exam seriously. If you do not take the exam prior to your advising appointment, you will be at risk for not being registered for Fall courses, so please complete it right away.

If your desired major is different than your declared major, you should pursue the placement score for your desired major. See the minimum and preferred scores for each major.

Students are permitted to take the exam up to three times, so if you don't earn the score you need for your major, please take it again prior to advisement. Please note: to repeat the exam, 5-20 hours of guided preparation are required before re-testing.


Transfer Credits

If you are a transfer student, please review detailed information about steps to take before advisement

For first-year students who have taken courses at another institution, please be sure to have an official copy of your transcript sent directly from the other college/university to the UD Registrar's Office. Paper copies should be sent to: Registrar - Transfer Credit, 210 S. College Avenue, Newark, DE 19716.  Electronic copies should be emailed to:  If possible, it would also be helpful if you have an unofficial transcript that you could refer to and share with your Academic Advisor during your advising appointment.


AP & IB Credits

If you have taken any AP or Higher Level IB exams in high school, please list the subjects and scores (if known) on the Pre-Advisement Survey.  If you don't know your scores yet, that is fine.  You will be able to discuss your AP exams with your Academic Advisor during your advising appointment.  These are charts that show how your exam scores equate to UD credits and course equivalents: You should be sure to have official copies of your scores sent to the University of Delaware, so your credits can become part of your UD record.


Semester Course Load (Finish in Four!)

Students are considered full-time when they take at least 12 credits in a semester. A typical semester course load is 4-5 courses (14-16 credits). Students who take 15 or more credits every semester are more likely to graduate in four years, so we strongly encourage you to take at least 15 credits each semester.


Registration for the Fall Semester

When you meet with your Advisor, you will discuss the best course choices for your first semester at UD.  You and your Advisor will create a list of the courses that you are requesting for the Fall semester.  That list will then be given to the Registrar's Office for registration of your Fall semester courses. Students’ course schedules will become available on UDSIS in August. 

Please be aware that there is no guarantee that you will get your first choice for courses outside your major or for specific class times/sections. Time conflicts with required courses in your major may make it impossible to be enrolled in one of your top choices; this is why we ask you to select several choices in each of the four different breadth areas on the Pre-Advisement Survey.  Think broadly about your interests, and prepare to be flexible about your Fall course selections.


Questions about CAS NSO Events and Academic Advising

Before your Academic Advisor contacts you, you can email your questions to us at  After you receive an email from your Academic Advisor, they will be your main contact person for these questions.


Thank you for preparing for your advising appointment and your Fall semester at UD!  The CAS advising staff looks forward to meeting you! 

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