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Five accomplished CAS graduates recognized with college awards

Recipients of the 2014 CAS Alumni Achievement Awards are (from left) Susan L. Buck, Matthew B. Geller, Guillermina Gonzalez-Sobrero, Lawrence M. Principe and Kendel Sibiski Ehrlich, with Dean George Watson.

Five alumni were honored at the College of Arts and Sciences' fifth annual Celebration of Achievement and Success in May. These talented alumni received awards for their many accomplishments throughout their careers and their continued dedication to the University.

Dean George Watson, who also recognized several faculty members and students at the ceremony, spoke to the breadth of achievement represented by the five alumni winners. The recipients have made marks in the fields of arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and public service.

“This distinguished group of alumni’s commitment to our college helps strengthen our mission, vision and reach,” said Watson.

Susan L. Buck, ’91M ’03PhD

Susan Buck is a private art conservator whose expertise has taken her from historical institutions in the U.S. to China and the Czech Republic. Buck completed her Ph.D. in art conservation research in 2003, when she received an award for the outstanding doctoral dissertation in the humanities.

She received her master’s degree from the graduate Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation and remains involved as a co-teacher. She also teaches a graduate program in Beijing. Buck was nominated for the college’s alumni award for the extensive work she has done to “to inspire, educate and inform” those emerging into her field.

“I’m very pleased to be recognized as a conservator and graduate,” said Buck. “The art conservation program at UD is the best in the country, so to be recognized for that is quite an honor. This is not just an award for me, but for the program.”

Kendel Sibiski Ehrlich, ’83

Kendel Sibiski Ehrlich earned her alumni award for her rich career in law and public service. She has held numerous titles since graduating from the University with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

“If the college you went to recognizes what you’ve done after you’ve left, it’s an incredible honor and sense of accomplishment,” said Ehrlich. “UD gave me a foundation in my career choice in criminal law.”

Some of Ehrlich’s job titles have included first lady of Maryland, public defender, prosecutor, lawyer, consultant, producer for Comcast and even radio personality. Ehrlich also established and managed two nonprofits and has served on various charitable boards. She holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Baltimore Law School and currently teaches as an adjunct professor of criminal law at Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland.

Matthew B. Geller, ’78M

Matthew Geller is an internationally recognized artist based in New York City. Geller graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Connecticut College and went on to earn his Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture form the University of Delaware.

Geller is drawn to overlooked or underutilized environments and seeks to involve the public and foster a sense of community through his artwork. He has received numerous grants, fellowships and awards for his art and has been featured in galleries and museums. Over the next two years, Geller will have new public art commissions opening in Brooklyn, Miami, El Paso, Seattle, Calgary, Cleveland and San Francisco.

“It’s very gratifying to have your career recognized,” said Geller. “My two years as a graduate student here had a profound effect on my personal life, more than any other two years in my adult life.”

Guillermina Gonzalez-Sobrero, ’09M

Guillermina Gonzalez-Sobrerois a multicultural professional with experience in the United States, Mexico and Europe. She holds a Certificate in Leadership and Public Management from the University of Delaware, where she graduated from the Liberal Studies Program with a master’s degree in 2009.  Gonzalez-Sobrero said UD was her “first intellectual home” in Delaware and expressed her gratitude for the award on behalf of the people who have helped her get to this point in her profession.

Gonzalez-Sobrero began her career working for multinational organizations and has since moved to the nonprofit sector. She is currently executive director of the Delaware Arts Alliance, a highly active advocacy group. Gonzalez-Sobrero also stays involved in the community by serving on various boards in Delaware and lending her expertise to the media.

Lawrence M. Principe, ’83

Lawrence Principe earned his Honors bachelor’s degree in liberal studies and a second bachelor’s degree in chemistry, both in 1983 at UD. Currently, Principe is director of the Charles S. Singleton Center for the Study of Premodern Europe at Johns Hopkins University. He received two doctoral degrees, in organic chemistry and in the history of science, and has since held various teaching positions, for which he has won numerous awards.

Principe combines his passion for science and history by studying alchemy, a specialization that began during his time as an undergraduate at UD. He has written more than 45 scholarly articles, several books and produced video courses on the history of science and on the interactions of science and religion.

“I’m extremely honored to receive this award, as this means even more to me because it comes from the University of Delaware, which has been without question, the place most formative and foundational for my thinking, my career, my life,” said Principe. “I owe much of what I have accomplished to the opportunities that were richly and freely given to me to me at UD—opportunities that allowed a student with crazy, idiosyncratic ideas to pursue those ideas seriously and eventually make a career out of them.”

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Five alumni were honored by the College of Arts and Sciences at a ceremony in which they received awards for their professional accomplishments.

At the College of Arts and Sciences' annual Celebration of Achievement and Success event in May, five alumni received awards recognizing their professional accomplishments and their continuing dedication to the University and the college.

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