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Pre-Law at the University of Delaware

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Although there is no specific undergraduate pre-law major, or even a specific recommended major for the would-be lawyer, steps can and should be taken in preparation for a successful career in law. Forethought, dedication, and good advice can help make those plans solid.

If you believe you would like to be a lawyer, the links on the left provide some background information about the profession and law school that you should review. Then, in the middle of your junior year you should make an appointment to see one of the UD pre-law advisers listed below. And while you are thinking about pre-law, you may want to consider joining ​Phi Alpha Delta.

Finally, this is a guide designed for University of Delaware students, but readers should also consult the excellent resources available on the LSAC website, the company responsible for administering the LSAT. While you will necessarily consult this site often if you ultimately decide to apply to law school, you might begin with by perusing the informative section entitled Thinking About Law School.

Pre-law advisors by major

Accounting: Sheldon Pollack

Criminal Justice: Ken Haas  and Eric Rise 

Economics: Joseph Daniel 

English: Phil Mink 

History: Darryl Flaherty  

Political Science: Wayne Batchis  and Alice Ba 

Public Policy and Administration: Leland Ware â€‹

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Pre-Law at the University of Delaware