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College Faculty Awards

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Arts & Sciences Faculty Awards for 2017-18


The College of Arts and Sciences will again this academic year recognize our faculty's outstanding contributions to the life of the University by making awards in four categories: teaching, scholarship, service, and advisement. Each recipient will receive a cash award of $1,000. 

See a list of the previous winners of the College Faculty Awards.​

Award Categories

The Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teacher Award is based on student and peer evaluations, alumni testimonials, number and range of courses offered, involvement in individual instruction, quality of advisement and mentoring, demonstrated commitment to student welfare and development and acknowledged reputation in teaching.

The Arts and Sciences Outstanding Scholar Award is based on publications, professional honors, receipt of competitive grants, scholarly contributions to one's field and acknowledged reputation in scholarship.

The Arts and Sciences Outstanding Service Award is based on extraordinary service within the College, University, academic profession and larger community. Quality of service is reflected in recognitions and awards, testimonials from colleagues and demonstrated impact on the quality and effectiveness of the organization in question.

The Arts and Sciences Outstanding Advisement Award is based on excellence in academic advisement of undergraduate students. Criteria include number of student advisees and quality of advisement, availability to advisees, communication with students regarding their academic needs and individual progress, knowledge of college programs and requirements and overall impact on students through advising within the College and beyond. Quality in this category can be demonstrated by information supplied by a chair, faculty colleagues, students, and alumni.


Nominations, including a copy of the nominee's resume and any other supporting materials you wish to add, are due electronically to the Dean's office (maryelln@ude​ by January 31, 2018. The Faculty Awards Committee of the Arts and Sciences Faculty Senate will meet as needed during the month of February to review nominations according to the criteria above  and will make their recommendations to the Dean no later than February 28.  Award recipients will be announced on or before April 1, 2018.  Award winners will be invited to sit on the platform during the Celebrating Achievement and Success event on May 16, 2018 to receive their award.

Application Requirements

Required for all nominations

  • Letter of nomination from Department Chair
  • Current CV for nominee

The following additional materials are recommended by the Faculty Awards Committee:

  • ​Candidate statement
  • ​Excellence in Scholarship
    • ​Two outside letters
    • Two internal letters
  • ​​Excellence in Teaching
    • Table summarizing student evaluation scores
    • Two internal letters
    • Three or four letters from former students/alumni
  • Excellence in Advising
    • ​One or two internal letters
    • Two or three letters from former students/alumni
  • Excellence in Service
    • Two internal letters

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