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Faculty Buyout Policy

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​​​The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes that the practice of "buying out" instructional time in support of research and other scholarly activities is necessary and valued. However, faculty buyout must not interfere with providing the needed instruction of the academic unit.

Members of the full-time faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences may, with the approval of the Department Chair and Dean, "buy out" of courses beyond the typical assigned workload specified in the relevant approved departmental workload document as follows:

  • A one-course reduction requires 12.5% of salary and associated fringe benefits for reduced instruction time.
  • Reductions of more than one course per year are highly unusual and will need to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Requests should be made through the Department Chair and to the Dean for final approval.

Requests for exceptions to this policy must be made through the Department Chair to the Dean for approval.

Updated 6/16/05

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Faculty Buy Out Policy
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Faculty Buyout Policy