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Sabbatical Procedures

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Sabbatical Research and Leave Policy


For Sabbatical and Research Leave Semester Policy click here.

NOTE: With respect to fellowship awards, the college interprets the language in the respective parts of the faculty handbook as counting and supporting time spent on prestigious fellowships toward a faculty member's next sabbatical.

Faculty should complete the form located at Below are instructions to help fill out the appropriate routing for the college.​

Instructions for Web Sabbatical Form


There have been occasions where the faculty member's Job Title appears incorrectly. If this happens, please contact HR so they can make sure it is in the system correctly.​ Most of the information should default on this screen except for the "Initial Appointment" and "Period of Leave Requested." If the period of leave you are requesting is not listed in the drop down box, you may be too early in filling out the form. A year in advance is required and the dates are changed each semester, including junior research leave.


Please note that the summary of leave activities has a three-sentence maximum. The more detailed information should be attached as indicated in the next space. If you have problems submitting the form after attaching the files, they may be too large. The faculty member must include all approvers when they prepare the form initially. The following is the suggested format:

Originator: Faculty member email address

Approver: This can be the staff/professional in your unit that verifies sabbatical eligibility and ensures accuracy of information on the form, or it can be left blank

Chair: Automatically entered

AS-Sabrecordkeeper: Automatically entered

Dean: This should now show up by default, but if it doesn't, please type the appropriate associate dean address: (Humanities) (Arts)​ (Natural Sciences) (Social Sciences)

Sabbatical AS-Dean Final Approver: Automatically entered

HR: Automatically entered

Copy to Originator: Automatically entered

Copy to Provost: Automatically entered

You should be able to add any additional copy request needed as well.

Please Note​

Named professors receive 100% pay for all types of sabbaticals.

Junior research leaves are for one semester NOT half year.

If after working with your appropriate staff person in the department, you are still experiencing problems processing this form, please call Mary Cleveland at x4020.


​Applications for full-year sabbatical leave should reach the department chair approximately twelve months before the leave period either in September or January, depending on when the one-year sabbatical will be initiated; notification of the action on the grant shall be made not later than the first Friday in December or May following the request for sabbatical. Applications for half-year sabbaticals should reach department chairs by either mid- September or the first Friday in February, depending upon the period for which the leave is requested, but in either case, approximately twelve months before the leave period; notification of the action shall be made not later than the first Friday in December or the first Friday in May following. The importance of early application and early notification for the University and for the individual faculty member cannot be overemphasized. Applications received with less than the lead time indicated may be accepted, but the disadvantages of risking later notification or lower priority rating should be recognized.

Sabbatical Report

​The faculty member should submit a written report on their sabbatical accomplishments by the end of the semester following their return from leave.​

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Sabbatical Procedures
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Sabbatical Procedures