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College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Council

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Natural Sciences (5)​
Biological Sciences (1) Melinda DuncanX053320S Erica Selva
Chemistry & Biochemistry (1) Don WatsonX872821S Andrew Teplyakov
Mathematical Sciences (1) Richard BraunX186921S Petr Plechac
Physics & Astronomy(1) John XiaoX654721S Federica Bianco
​PSYC and LING (1)Amy Griffin​X2575​20SJP Laurenceau
​Humanities (4)
English (1) Siobhan CarrollX365720SEd Larkin
Languages, Literatures & Cultures (1) Alexander SelimovX259620S Gladys Ilarregui
AFRA,  ARTC, ARTH, HIST, and PHIL (2)Owen WhiteTanisha FordX0805     X6815                     ​20SVimalin Rujivacharakul     Tom Powers
​Social Sciences (3)
Biden School (1) Danilo YanichX171021S Gregory Dobler
COMM, POSC and WOMS (1) Gretchen BauerX686320S Jenny LambePascha Bueno-Hansen
ANTH, FASH, and SOCI (1) Ann BellX823121S Belinda Orzada
​Arts (1)
ARTD, MUSC, and THEA (1) Maria Anne PurcielloX270721S Ashley Pigford
​Other Groups (1)
ELI and AAP (1) Nigel CaplanX741921S Michael Fields


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College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Council
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