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Medical Dental Scholars Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Medical/Dental Scholars Program open to all students at the University of Delaware?
Yes. Currently 60% of students at the University of Delaware are from out of state and the program reflects this percentage.

Is this an accelerated program?
No. It is an eight-year program - four years at the University of Delaware and four years at Sidney Kimmel Medical College.

What are the criteria for acceptance into the Interest Group of the Medical/Dental Scholars Program (MDSP)?
  • A score of approximately 1800 on the SATs (Reading Comprehension, Math, and Writing/Essay);
  • A B+ in high school studies (math, science, social science and humanities, foreign language);
  • A commitment to health care related career;
  • A GPA of 3.5 in both science/non-science courses by the time the student is selected at the end of sophomore year.
How can I apply to the Interest Group and join the Program?
To join the Interest Group, second semester freshmen students are invited to attend an Orientation Meeting. At this meeting. you will be given a detailed description of the Program and meet the Director, Coordinator, other faculty, and MDSP students. You will receive a packet of information with a request to return particular forms to the MDSP Office. Upon completion and return of these forms, you will be a member of the Interest group.

If I am a transfer student to the University of Delaware, can I be admitted into the Interest Group?
Yes, it is possible, but will probably result in at least one additional year of study at the University of Delaware to complete the major associated with this program.

How many students apply to the program each year and how many are admitted?
Anywhere from 30 to 70 students enter the Interest group in the second semester of their freshman year. A maximum of 15 students can be selected from this group. Selection occurs at the end of the sophomore year.
How many students are admitted to Sidney Kimmel each year through MDSP?
Fifteen are conditionally accepted each year through the program if they meet the final criteria for acceptance: 3.5 GPA both in the sciences and non-sciences; a score of 504 in the Medical College Acceptance Test (MCAT) with no section score less than 126.

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Medical Dental Scholars Frequently Asked Questions